How can I save multiple documents concurrently in Mongoose/Node.js?


At the moment I use save to add a single document. Suppose I have an array of documents that I wish to store as single objects. Is there a way of adding them all with a single function call and then getting a single callback when it is done? I could add all the documents individually but managing the callbacks to work out when everything is done would be problematic.

4/22/2012 8:45:35 AM

Accepted Answer

Mongoose doesn't have bulk inserts implemented yet (see issue #723).

Since you know the number of documents you're saving, you could write something like this:

var total = docArray.length
  , result = []

function saveAll(){
  var doc = docArray.pop();, saved){
    if (err) throw err;//handle error


    if (--total) saveAll();
    else // all saved here


This, of course, is a stop-gap solution and I would recommend using some kind of flow-control library (I use q and it's awesome).

4/22/2012 9:38:16 AM

Mongoose does now support passing multiple document structures to Model.create. To quote their API example, it supports being passed either an array or a varargs list of objects with a callback at the end:

Candy.create({ type: 'jelly bean' }, { type: 'snickers' }, function (err, jellybean, snickers) {
    if (err) // ...


var array = [{ type: 'jelly bean' }, { type: 'snickers' }];
Candy.create(array, function (err, jellybean, snickers) {
    if (err) // ...

Edit: As many have noted, this does not perform a true bulk insert - it simply hides the complexity of calling save multiple times yourself. There are answers and comments below explaining how to use the actual Mongo driver to achieve a bulk insert in the interest of performance.

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