Difference between Node js and express js


I am a newbie for node js. What is the use of express JS? According to my understanding it is used for web projects and has some templates like Jade and CSS.

Is there anyother extra features in express.js that make it more dominating than node.js? Which one is better node.js or express.js when it comes to server side coding? Diff. between Express.js and node.js.

Kindly help. Thanks.

10/1/2012 7:10:37 AM

The comparison is not entirely correct. The difference between node.js and express.js in the level of abstraction:

  1. Node.js is a run-time environment for building server-side event-driven i/o application using javascript.
  2. Express.js is a framework based on node.js for building web-application using principles and approaches of node.js

So, if you write web-application, you can try to use Express.js. In all other cases, it does not suit for you.

8/19/2019 9:36:46 PM

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