Using Express() with TypeScript


I want to use the most recent version of Expess with node.js in TypeScript. The express.d.ts provided by microsoft in the samples seems to be built upon a versions prior to 3.0.x. In previous version you could do

var app = express.createServer()

but after 3.0.x you should do:

var app = express();

Express.d.ts does not support this... I've found a hack around this: I've added the following line to Express.d.ts:

export function(): any;

In app.ts when I want to create the app object I do the following:

var app = <express.ExpressServer>express();

This seems to fix the issue, it's compiling without an error, and also I get intellisense support. However this is a hack... First of all why can't I write something like this?

export function(): ExpressServer;

Is this the recommended way to fix this issue?

10/3/2012 3:59:29 PM

Pretty old discussion, but I ran into the same problem recently and found that there is a new express.d.ts that properly supports express 3 on the DefinitelyTyped site.

7/26/2018 3:01:49 PM

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