Stream files in node/express to client


I want to stream content to clients which is possibly stored in db, which they would save as files.

Obviously would do the job nicely, but none of the response.* functions accept a stream, only file paths.

I had a look at impl and it just sets Content-Disposition header and then a sendfile.

So I could achieve this using this post as a guide. Node.js: pipe stream to response freezes over HTTPS

But it seems I would miss out on all the wrapping aspects that res.send performs.

Am I missing something here or should I just do the pipe and not worry about it - what is best practice here?

Currently creating temp files so I can just use for now.

5/23/2017 12:32:25 PM

You can stream directly to the response object (it is a Stream).

A basic file stream would look something like this.

function(req, res, next) {
  if(req.url==="somethingorAnother") {
    res.setHeader("content-type", "some/type");
  } else {
    next(); // not our concern, pass along to next middleware function

This will take care of binding to data and end events.

8/22/2017 9:25:02 PM

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