Converting a Buffer into a ReadableStream in Node.js


I'm fairly new to Buffers and ReadableStreams, so maybe this is a stupid question. I have a library that takes as input a ReadableStream, but my input is just a base64 format image. I could convert the data I have in a Buffer like so:

var img = new Buffer(img_string, 'base64');

But I have no idea how to convert it to a ReadableStream or convert the Buffer I obtained to a ReadableStream.

Is there a way to do this or am I trying to achieve the impossible?


6/17/2019 3:25:46 PM

Accepted Answer

You can create a ReadableStream using Node Stream Buffers like so:

// Initialize stream
var myReadableStreamBuffer = new streamBuffers.ReadableStreamBuffer({
  frequency: 10,      // in milliseconds.
  chunkSize: 2048     // in bytes.

// With a buffer

// Or with a string
myReadableStreamBuffer.put("A String", "utf8");

The frequency cannot be 0 so this will introduce a certain delay.

5/2/2017 5:42:45 PM

Node Stream Buffer is obviously designed for use in testing; the inability to avoid a delay makes it a poor choice for production use.

Gabriel Llamas suggests streamifier in this answer: How to wrap a buffer as a stream2 Readable stream?

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