Change cookie expiration in Express


Because I didn't define a maxAge when calling expressServer.use(express.session({params})) the cookie's expiration is set as "Session".

I would like to add a "remember me" feature when logging in. If "remember me" is selected, the expiration will be extended to a month.

How would I go about doing this? I tried simply extending the maxAge, but that didn't seem to do anything...

expressServer.get '/blah', (request, response) =>
    request.session.cookie.maxAge = 2592000
    response.end 'hello there'

Thanks for the help!

** EDIT **

I tried making a simple server to test updating a user's cookie. I'm using Express 3.0.4

When I visit, the browser cookie's "expires" field is still "session"...

express = require 'express'

expressServer = express()
expressServer.use express.cookieParser()
expressServer.use express.session
    secret: 'supersecret'
        path: '/'
        httpOnly: true

expressServer.get '/', (request, response) =>
    response.end 'hello'

expressServer.get '/blah', (request, response) =>
    request.session.cookie.maxAge = 3600000
    response.end 'hello again'

expressServer.listen 9000
console.log 'server running'


12/27/2012 7:42:05 AM

I have a checkbox that says "remember me" on the /login page:

<p class="remember">
  <input type="checkbox" id="remember" name="remember" value="1" />
  <label for="remember">Remember me</label>

Then in my POST route to /login I do some sanity checking and set the session if req.body.remember is set otherwise its just a window session:

  //user is authenticated
  //set session length
  if ( req.body.remember ) {
    var hour = 3600000;
    req.session.cookie.maxAge = 14 * 24 * hour; //2 weeks
  } else {
    req.session.cookie.expires = false;

  req.session.userid = user._id;

Add the following few lines (I use redis) in app.js:

    store: new RedisStore({
      db: cfg.redis.db
    secret: 'another-secret'
12/27/2012 7:25:05 AM

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