How Can I Wait In Node.js (Javascript), l need to pause for a period of time


I'm developing a console like script for personal needs. I need to be able to pause for a extended amount of time, but, from my research, node.js has no way to stop as required. It’s getting hard to read users’ information after a period of time... I’ve seen some code out there, but I believe they have to have other code inside of them for them to work such as:

setTimeout(function() {
}, 3000);

However, I need everything after this line of code to execute after the period of time.

For example,

console.log('Welcome to My Console,');
console.log('Blah blah blah blah extra-blah');

I've also seen things like

yield sleep(2000);

But node.js doesnt recognize this.

How can I achieve this extended pause?

1/7/2019 3:36:34 PM

Accepted Answer

Best way to do this is to break your code into multiple functions, like this:

function function1() {
    // stuff you want to happen right away
    console.log('Welcome to My Console,');

function function2() {
    // all the stuff you want to happen after that pause
    console.log('Blah blah blah blah extra-blah');

// call the first chunk of code right away

// call the rest of the code and have it execute after 3 seconds
setTimeout(function2, 3000);

It's similar to JohnnyHK's solution, but much neater and easier to extend.

4/3/2016 6:41:48 PM

A new answer to an old question. Today ( Jan 2017 June 2019) it is much easier. You can use the new async/await syntax. For example:

async function init(){
   await sleep(1000)
function sleep(ms){
    return new Promise(resolve=>{

For using async/await out of the box without installing and plugins, you have to use node-v7 or node-v8, using the --harmony flag.

Update June 2019: By using the latest versions of NodeJS you can use it out of the box. No need to provide command line arguments. Even Google Chrome support it today.

More info:

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