How do I deploy Node.js applications as a single executable file?


Supposed I have written a Node.js application, and I now would like to distribute it. Of course, I want to make it easy for the user, hence I do not want him to install Node.js, run npm install and then manually type node app.js.

What I'd prefer was a single executable file, e.g. an .exe file on Windows.

How could I approach this?

I am aware of this thread, anyway this is only about Windows. How could I achieve this in a platform-independent manner? Any ideas? Best practices? ...?

The perfect solution was a "compiler" I can give a source folder to. The source folder contains the app itself in various .js files, the node_modules folder and some metadata, such as the package.json. The output should be binaries for various platforms, such as Windows, OS X and Linux.

Oh, and what's important: I do not want to make any changes to the source code, so calls to require with relative paths should still work, even if this relative path is now inside the packaged app.

Any ideas?

PS: I do not want the user to install Node.js independently, it should be included inside the executable as well.

5/23/2017 12:02:40 PM

Accepted Answer

Meanwhile I have found the (for me) perfect solution: nexe, which creates a single executable from a Node.js application including all of its modules.

It's the next best thing to an ideal solution.

1/7/2019 12:59:44 PM

First, we're talking about packaging a Node.js app for workshops, demos, etc. where it can be handy to have an app "just running" without the need for the end user to care about installation and dependencies.

You can try the following setup:

  1. Get your apps source code
  2. npm install all dependencies (via package.json) to the local node_modules directory. It is important to perform this step on each platform you want to support separately, in case of binary dependencies.
  3. Copy the Node.js binary – node.exe on Windows, (probably) /usr/local/bin/node on OS X/Linux to your project's root folder. On OS X/Linux you can find the location of the Node.js binary with which node.

For Windows:
Create a self extracting archive, 7zip_extra supports a way to execute a command right after extraction, see:

For OS X/Linux:
You can use tools like makeself or unzipsfx (I don't know if this is compiled with CHEAP_SFX_AUTORUN defined by default).

These tools will extract the archive to a temporary directory, execute the given command (e.g. node app.js) and remove all files when finished.

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