How to restart a node.js server


I've installed and is running a node.js server on osx. I've dled a chat module and is happily running it. I've altered some pieces and need to restart the server to see the effects.

I only know how to restart by closing the terminal window and then reopneing it and then running node chatdemo.js again.

Any way to restart without closing terminal?


7/21/2010 7:19:56 PM

Accepted Answer

If it's just running (not a daemon) then just use Ctrl-C.

If it's daemonized then you could try:

$ ps aux | grep node
you   PID  1.5  0.2  44172  8260 pts/2    S    15:25   0:00 node app.js
$ kill -2 PID

Where PID is replaced by the number in the output of ps.

7/21/2010 7:26:26 PM

During development the best way to restart server for seeing changes made is to use nodemon

npm install nodemon -g

nodemon [your app name]

nodemon will watch the files in the directory that nodemon was started, and if they change, it will automatically restart your node application.

Check nodemon git repo:

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