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So I finished watching Douglas Crockford's excellent series on Javascript, and in the final episode (so far), loopage he lays out why Node.js is a near perfect solution for server side code.

He talks about keeping state, not in the database, but in closures running in Node.js, he also states that templating systems (like JSP, PHP, and ASP) are a poor abstraction for more complicated Web Applications and that node.js provides a solution to this.

And I am ready to buy in, but I can't find any examples of Web Applications using this pattern, or any books or tutorials about how to go about doing this. I am not talking about a simple application, but something that would use the patterns that Crockford spoke of in his talk. Anyone know where I can find some tutorials/examples of Web Applications written in Node.js (and yes I know about Geddy and ExpressJs, but they don't seem to follow the radically different patterns that Crockford was speaking of, and were more like getting a Railsy experience on Node.js).

[Note from 3 years in the future: It seems like Express, Geddy, Sails, Kraken et all are re-implementations of the Rails/Symfony/Spring frameworks from Ruby/PHP/Java. Whereas things like Hoodie and Meteor are attempts at a whole new paradigm. KOA looks interesting, but is a ways away from being usable, but looks like it is building on the strengths of javascript with the history of MVC applications of the past. 3 years on and it is still exciting times for Nodejs, even if it is no longer the new hotness. At least there are a lot of real world examples of Node in use now...

5/23/2017 12:09:12 PM

Accepted Answer

I would suggest you check out the various tutorials that are coming out lately. My current fav is:

Hope this helps.

12/2/2010 4:31:14 AM

The Node Knockout competition wrapped up recently, and many of the submissions are available on github. The competition site doesn't appear to be working right now, but I'm sure you could Google up a few entries to check out.

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