Validation library for Node.js


Is there a good validation framework for node.js that validates a variable for:

  • if its a type of String, Date, Number etc
  • max and min length
  • email, phone
  • etc...
3/28/2011 8:29:30 PM

Accepted Answer

I recently discovered node-validator by chriso.


var check = require('validator').check,
    sanitize = require('validator').sanitize

check('').len(6, 64).isEmail();       //Methods are chainable
check('abc').isInt();                               //Throws 'Invalid integer'
check('abc', 'Please enter a number').isInt();      //Throws 'Please enter a number'

//Sanitize / Filter
var int = sanitize('0123').toInt();                  //123
var bool = sanitize('true').toBoolean();             //true
var str = sanitize(' \s\t\r hello \n').trim();      //'hello'
var str = sanitize('aaaaaaaaab').ltrim('a');        //'b'
var str = sanitize(large_input_str).xss();
var str = sanitize('&lt;a&gt;').entityDecode();     //'<a>'
2/28/2014 10:53:21 AM

I wanted ruby on rails and cakephp style validations. I knew it was something I would use over and over so I made this quick npm module:

It reads semantically like well like jasmine, and can be used client or server side. This means it comes with support for commonjs and amd along with validation rules passed in via JSON.

It is pretty well unit tested, it has no production dependencies, and the scope is locked down to just validation. We seem to have a small community going now. Ideas, feedback and pull requests are all welcome.

Current library functions:

iz.alphaNumeric(*);               // Is number or string(contains only numbers or strings)
iz.between(number, start, end);   // Number is start or greater but less than or equal to end, all params numeric
iz.blank(*);                      // Empty string, undefined or null
iz.boolean(*);                    // true, false, 0, 1*);                         // Luhn checksum approved value*);                       // Is a data obj or is a string that is easily converted to a date
iz.decimal(*);                    // Contains 1 decimal point and potentially can have a - at the beginning*);                      // Seems like a valid email address
iz.extension(ob1, ob2);           // If obj2's methods are all found in obj1
iz.fileExtension(arr, value);     // Checks if the extension of value is in arr. An obj can be provide, but must have indexOf defined.
iz.fileExtensionAudio(value);     // Check against mp3, ogg, wav, aac
iz.fileExtensionImage(value);     // Check against png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, svg, gif
iz.inArray(arr, value);           // If * is in the array*, bool (optional));       // Is an int. If the 2nd variable is true (false by default) a decimal is allowed
iz.ip(str);                       // str resembles an IPV4 or IPV6 address
iz.minLen(val, min);              // val (str or arr) is greater than min
iz.maxLen(val, max);              // val (str or arr) is shorter than max
iz.multiple(num, mult);           // Number is multiple of another number
iz.number(*);                     // Is either an int or decimal
iz.ofType(obj, typeName);         // If it is a named object, and the name matches the string, canHaveExtension?); // Is an american phone number. Any punctuations are allowed.
iz.postal(*);                     // Is a postal code or zip code
iz.ssn(*);                        // Is a social security number

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