Sending emails in Node.js?


I recently started programming my first node.js. However, I discovered that I am unable to create a contact me form that sends straight to my email since I can't find any modules from node that is able to send emails.

Does anyone know of a node.js email library or an sample contact form script?

11/6/2010 3:22:23 PM

Accepted Answer

node-email-templates is a much better option:

it has support for windows as well

8/6/2012 11:39:13 PM

Nodemailer is basically a module that gives you the ability to easily send emails when programming in Node.js. There are some great examples of how to use the Nodemailer module at The full instructions about how to install and use the basic functionality of Nodemailer is included in this link.

I personally had trouble installing Nodemailer using npm, so I just downloaded the source. There are instructions for both the npm install and downloading the source.

This is a very simple module to use and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to send emails using Node.js. Good luck!

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