Can I use CoffeeScript instead of JS for node.js?


What are my restrictions if I want to code node.js and use CoffeeScript? Can I do anything I'd be able to do in JS?

12/6/2012 12:09:22 PM

Accepted Answer

Yes, CoffeeScript simply compiles into pure JS, making it completely compatible with node.js.

To run CoffeeScripts on node, you can either:

  • Type coffee -c to compile, followed by node example.js to run the compiled JS.
  • Simply type coffee
1/13/2011 12:15:21 PM

Not only can you run CoffeeScript files directly in Node with


you can also require them as if they were JavaScript files. For instance, if you have in a directory, you can write

require './lib'

from another CoffeeScript file in the same directory. (In order to do this from a JavaScript file, you'll have to add require 'coffee-script' at the top.) So, you never have to do compilation explicitly under Node, unless you're packaging your project for deployment with a tool like npm.

One caveat: In stack traces, the line numbers you'll see refer to the compiled JavaScript, even when you're running CoffeeScript directly (so you don't have access to the JavaScript). A lot of folks are trying to fix this, but it's a big challenge.

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