How to run Node.js as a background process and never die?


I connect to the linux server via putty SSH. I tried to run it as a background process like this:

$ node server.js &

However, after 2.5 hrs the terminal becomes inactive and the process dies. Is there anyway I can keep the process alive even with the terminal disconnected?

Edit 1

Actually, I tried nohup, but as soon as I close the Putty SSH terminal or unplug my internet, the server process stops right away.

Is there anything I have to do in Putty?

Edit 2 (on Feb, 2012)

There is a node.js module, forever. It will run node.js server as daemon service.

10/4/2018 11:55:38 AM

Accepted Answer

Simple solution (if you are not interested in coming back to the process, just want it to keep running):

nohup node server.js &

Powerful solution (allows you to reconnect to the process if it is interactive):


You can then detach by pressing Ctrl+a+d and then attach back by running screen -r

Also consider the newer alternative to screen, tmux.

5/25/2018 9:22:07 PM

nohup node server.js > /dev/null 2>&1 &

  1. nohup means: Do not terminate this process even when the stty is cut off.
  2. > /dev/null means: stdout goes to /dev/null (which is a dummy device that does not record any output).
  3. 2>&1 means: stderr also goes to the stdout (which is already redirected to /dev/null). You may replace &1 with a file path to keep a log of errors, e.g.: 2>/tmp/myLog
  4. & at the end means: run this command as a background task.

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