nodeJS require.paths resolve problem


I am trying to require a file relatively and mysteriously the following is happening

This works well which points to /Users/marcos/Desktop/Taper/lib/utils.js

myPath = "/Users/marcos/Desktop/Taper/lib/./utils";

This doesn't but it should point to exactly the same file:

require("./utils"); //Doesn't work with './'
require("utils"); //Works Fine

Anyone knows why I can't still use ./ in this case for loading the path since

require("path").resolve("/Users/marcos/Desktop/Taper/lib", "./utils")

results in:



Thanks in advance

3/22/2011 1:02:35 PM

Accepted Answer


From the documentation:

A module prefixed with '/' is an absolute path to the file. For example, require('/home/marco/foo.js') will load the file at /home/marco/foo.js.

A module prefixed with './' is relative to the file calling require(). That is, circle.js must be in the same directory as foo.js for require('./circle') to find it.

Without a leading '/' or './' to indicate a file, the module is either a "core module" or is loaded from a node_modules folder.

If the given path does not exist, require() will throw an Error with its code property set to 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND'.

Here’s the original answer, which refers to require.paths (which is no longer supported):

From the documentation:

In node, require.paths is an array of strings that represent paths to be searched for modules when they are not prefixed with '/', './', or '../'.

(emphasis mine)

6/25/2013 8:06:31 AM

You can pass that using NODE_PATH


NODE_PATH=`pwd` node app.js

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