IDE and Debugger for node.js


I am going to start building project in node.js (was working in PHP before), What is the IDE, Debugger and Helping Tools for node.js, to help improvement while coding ?

11/2/2014 4:08:01 AM

There are several IDEs which support Node.js natively:

Desktop-based IDEs

  • WebStorm - popular and extremely powerful IDE for coding web applications. $100 for commercial license, $50 personal, $25 academic, free for open source developers upon application approval. Can also debug Meteor.JS applications.
  • Komodo IDE

  • Cloud9 Local - You can install a local copy of cloud9 on desktop as well and work on a local directory as workspace, follow the instructions on github page. Be sure to disable incompatible plug-ins from config. It provides proper debugging as well.

Cloud-based IDEs

  • Cloud9 IDE - cloud-based IDE with native support for development of Node.js applications including debugging and other features.
  • Koding Koding offers you a free rootable VM with Node. Also you can work on the same code with your friends.

Other than these two you can use almost any code editor/IDE which simplifies JavaScript based development in general (for example with syntax highlighting, autocompletion or similar stuff) and use node with its built-in V8 debugger.

5/23/2017 11:53:24 AM

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