Can I upload a file to server by in node.js?


I have a client to whom server is listening in node.js. I want to upload a file to server by because my client is under apache. and server is in Node.js. I want to code uploading of file in Node.js. But how I can send the file data to the node.js listening to socket.

I have tried the upload of a file using Node.js server. This link is here but the this code does not use the with this. But my original project is using the

Uploading a file in node.js by formidable

How can I do this with the server?

10/23/2018 5:44:55 AM

The checked answer is invalid as of Jul 3rd 2012.

Read by yourself this tutorial on NetTuts. This tutorial uses node.js and to upload a file.

7/31/2013 8:55:52 AM

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