Easy way for accessing memcached from node.js


I want to know if there is a good driver or native implementation to connect node.js directly to memcached.

7/28/2017 5:05:21 AM

Accepted Answer

Use the search on: https://npmjs.org/

If you don't have npm, install it.

On the cli:

npm search memcache

Brings up 5 modules.

This seems to be the most popular: https://github.com/3rd-Eden/node-memcached

3/24/2019 10:13:50 AM

Here's my experience of using couple of node-memcached modules

  1. 3rd-Eden/node-memcached. The project doesn't seem to be stable and has bugs with storing BLOBS (see issue #46 and issue #48 for details). Moreover I found it's code quite hard to read (and thus hard to update), so I wouldn't suggest using it in your projects.

  2. elbart/node-memcache seems to work fine, and I feel good about the way it's source code is written, but it doesn't support storing BLOBs (there's a fork that is said to add the ability, but I haven't tested it)

  3. overclocked/mc is the one I like a lot. This is the only one that is capable of storing BLOBs. It has nice documentation, its code looks good and it is easy-to-use.

Currently I use overclocked/mc in my project and everything seems to be working fine.

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