is there a require for json in node.js


I would like to include a couple of JSON files in my JavaScript code that are in the same directory as my JavaScript source file.

If I wanted to include another JavaScript file I could simply use require. Now I'm using readFileSync and __dirname to get the JSON, which I think is an ugly way to do it.

Is there something similar for require that enables me to load a JSON file?

1/17/2017 4:34:25 PM

Accepted Answer

As of node v0.5.x yes you can require your JSON just as you would require a js file.

var someObject = require('./somefile.json')

In ES6:

import someObject from ('./somefile.json')

1/29/2018 11:57:17 AM

JSON files don’t require an explicit exports statement. You don't need to export to use it as Javascript files.

So, you can use just require for valid JSON document.


  "name": "Freddie Mercury"


var obj = require('data.json');

//Freddie Mercury

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