How do you pass an apostrophe through a URL?


I'm using Node.js:

var s = 'Who\'s that girl?';
var url = '' + encodeURIComponent(s);

request(url, POST, ...)

This does not work! And Facebook cuts off my text...

Full code:

function postToFacebook(fbid, access_token, data, next){
    var uri = ''+String(fbid)+'/feed?access_token='+access_token;
    var uri += '&' + querystring.stringify(data);
        'uri': uri,

    var d = {
        'name':'Who\'s that girl?',
        'link': '',
        'caption': 'some caption...',
        'description': 'some description...',
        'picture': '',
    postToFacebook(, req.user.fb.accessToken, d);

Facebook gets a blank post on the wall. No text shows. Nothing.

When I log my URI, it is this:|d7ae6f314515c918732eab36.1-1230602668|GtOJ-pi3ZBatd41tPvrHb0OIYyk&name=Who's%20that%20girl%3F&

Obviously if you take a look at that URL, you see that the apostrophe is not being encoded correctly.

7/5/2018 5:32:25 PM

Accepted Answer

I'm doing a similar thing (also with Node.js) and first tried using JavaScript's built-in escape() function, but it didn't really work.

Here's how I ended up getting search to work. It might just be a fluke:

 function doMySearch(showTitle) {
     showTitle = escapeShowTitle(showTitle)
     var url = "" + showTitle + "&type=page"

function escapeShowTitle(title) {
    title = title.replace(/'/g, "")
    title = escape(title)
    return title

doMySearch("America's Funniest home Videos")
11/12/2014 9:30:42 PM

Had the same problem, encodeURIComponent didn't encode single quote. The trick is to do the replacement of ' with %27, after the encoding:

var trackArtistTitle = encodeURIComponent("Johnny Vegas - Who's Ready Fo'r Ice Cre'am")
// result: Johnny%20Vegas%20-%20Who's%20Ready%20Fo'r%20Ice%20Cre'am
trackArtistTitle = trackArtistTitle.replace(/'/g, '%27')
// result: Johnny%20Vegas%20-%20Who%27s%20Ready%20Fo%27r%20Ice%20Cre%27am

This way, trackArtistTitle will be properly decoded on server i.e. with PHP using urldecode().

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