Is there a way to make npm install (the command) to work behind proxy?


Read about a proxy variable in a .npmrc file but it does not work. Trying to avoid manually downloading all require packages and installing.

1/9/2014 9:53:32 AM

I solved this problem this way:

  1. I run this command:

    npm config set strict-ssl false
  2. Then set npm to run with http, instead of https:

    npm config set registry ""
  3. Then I install packages using this syntax:

    npm --proxy install packagename

Skip the username:password part if proxy doesn't require you to authenticate

EDIT: A friend of mine just pointed out that you may get NPM to work behind a proxy by setting BOTH HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables, then issuing normally the command npm install express (for example)

EDIT2: As @BStruthers commented, keep in mind that passwords containing "@" wont be parsed correctly, if contains @ put the entire password in quotes

3/13/2019 3:03:22 PM

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