Controlling an Arduino over the web with the lowest latency


I have an Arduino board in a location, and a webserver.
I also have a website that is supposed to control the Arduino. What technique would allow users to take control of the Arduino board with the least amount of latency?

I have Node.js, socketserver, Jabber in mind to experiment with, but is this the right direction?

11/22/2011 9:08:02 AM

You should have a look at Socket.IO for implementing WebSockets on server- and client-side.

There's a great project called duino for accessing Arduino with Node.js, you "only" have to pipe all communication through WebSockets.

Update: In the meantime I have published a framework for sending commands to an Arduino with Node.JS, JavaScript and WebSockets. Make sure to have a look at Noduino!

3/6/2012 9:29:10 PM

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