Node.JS - How to Run Node Command from any path?


I have installed the latest node.js from here . I see the %Path% variables have been set for Node.js. But, When i run node from C:\ , i get a "Node is not an recognized comman". But node command is working fine from "C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs" path. Can i not run Node commands from C:\ or Say from an other path if i set the Env variables right? Please help. I am running a Win7 X64.

Thank You, Faraaz

11/26/2011 11:36:37 AM

Accepted Answer

What happens if you run node --version? I have never tried node.js from windows but if that doesn't work there is something wrong with your paths.

What do you get when you run echo %PATH%?

11/26/2011 12:23:26 PM

I had the exact same problem, but in my PATH variable I had: C:\Program Files\nodejs\. After changing it to C:\Program Files\nodejs I could access it from anywhere.

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