Convert Mongoose docs to json


I returned mongoose docs as json in this way:

UserModel.find({}, function (err, users) {
    return res.end(JSON.stringify(users));

However, user.__proto__ was also returned. How can I return without it? I tried this but not worked:

UserModel.find({}, function (err, users) {
    return res.end(users.toJSON());    // has no method 'toJSON'
3/31/2012 9:28:10 AM

Accepted Answer

You may also try mongoosejs's lean() :

UserModel.find().lean().exec(function (err, users) {
    return res.end(JSON.stringify(users));
10/20/2013 11:13:51 AM

Late answer but you can also try this when defining your schema.

 * toJSON implementation
schema.options.toJSON = {
    transform: function(doc, ret, options) { = ret._id;
        delete ret._id;
        delete ret.__v;
        return ret;

Note that ret is the JSON'ed object, and it's not an instance of the mongoose model. You'll operate on it right on object hashes, without getters/setters.

And then:

    .exec(function (dbErr, modelDoc){
         if(dbErr) return handleErr(dbErr);

         return res.send(modelDoc.toJSON(), 200);

Edit: Feb 2015

Because I didn't provide a solution to the missing toJSON (or toObject) method(s) I will explain the difference between my usage example and OP's usage example.


    .find({}) // will get all users
    .exec(function(err, users) {
        // supposing that we don't have an error
        // and we had users in our collection,
        // the users variable here is an array
        // of mongoose instances;

        // wrong usage (from OP's example)
        // return res.end(users.toJSON()); // has no method toJSON

        // correct usage
        // to apply the toJSON transformation on instances, you have to
        // iterate through the users array

        var transformedUsers = {
            return user.toJSON();

        // finish the request

My Example:

    .findById(someId) // will get a single user
    .exec(function(err, user) {
        // handle the error, if any
        if(err) return handleError(err);

        if(null !== user) {
            // user might be null if no user matched
            // the given id (someId)

            // the toJSON method is available here,
            // since the user variable here is a 
            // mongoose model instance
            return res.end(user.toJSON());

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